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    NEIL YOUNG "a letter home"

    online listen.
    i really dont know where to start with this one..........?
    i guess, recorded in a converted 1950s "record yourself"
    music booth at Jack White's Nashville studio...
    sound is very distant,echoed, Neil;s voice fades in and out
    depending on which way he is facing in the booth...
    quite simply, nothing has been engineered or produced on this
    covers set which with the tracklisting could have been so much more
    than it turned out.
    there's just nothing here that is remotely likeable, and that really
    says a lot coming from me as im a huge Neil Young fan.
    infact,this album(somewhere around #50 in his career), is so bad
    it makes his early 1980s electronic piece of crap "trans"
    look like a Grammy winner...
    sorry Neil,its time you either stick to what you are good at,
    stop recording on a whim, and either do it properly or
    bugger off back home to Ontario,and become a recluse in an igloo
    and leave us fans to enjoy the "real neil".

    my score for this album: 1.0 or 3/10(but im sure the allmusic pro's will love it)

    from the album:

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    Neil Young's interview with Jimmy Fallon regarding the album(if anyone is interested,that is?)

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    and for anyone who doesnt know what they are talking about with the appearance on Fallon with The Boss, here it is...

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