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Thread: I'm a guitarist and a cellist, and I make my music in FL Studios.

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    Default I'm a guitarist and a cellist, and I make my music in FL Studio.

    I've been tinkering with music for as long as I can remember, since I was very young. I have a lot of unfinished pieces that I've worked on little by little over the years, but I've recently started cracking down and finishing some, and actually making and finishing some new stuff, too. I'm primarily a guitarist, but my only guitar has a broken string right now, and since it has a floating tremolo bar (floyd rose), that makes it totally unplayable. I'm also a cellist, but since I've never had my own cello I've only played at school. I also played viola for about 4 years. I recently got a used keyboard that's pretty nice, and has a midi out port, but the keys aren't pressure sensitive so I won't be recording with it. I plan on getting a nice midi keyboard to breathe more life into my piano pieces. Right now all of my productions are synthesized, but once I get my guitar restrung, get a violin (or a cello hopefully, much more expensive obviously), and a velocity sensitive midi keyboard, I plan on recording live instruments for my music and re-releasing them. Here's my SoundCloud page. Thanks for the interest.
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