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Thread: FISHING "shy glow"

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    Default FISHING "shy glow"

    FISHING "shy glow"

    another random online listen to a newly released album, and as usual
    picking an artist ive never heard of...
    theres no album cover anywhere on the WWW to copy to post and
    also no info on these guys???
    but according to the youtube clip, this is their debut album.
    music and style,for the most part, is very similar to that of Moby.
    very ambient and elctronic for the most part with very dreamy vocals
    and a few samples/loops.
    there are a couple of songs that are slightly different though in the one
    linkd above and the one i'll link below.
    all up, this stuff has been done before,like fifteen/twenty years
    ago, nothing new-nothing gained, a waste of time and drives my insane!

    rating for this album is a paltry 1.2 but still much better than than that Afrikaan
    crappy hip-hop thing i posted yesterday on here! video

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    maybe if i do Neil Young's album next it will get a pas mark after the last two LOL

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