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Thread: Which of the following bigroom house podcasts stand out the most?

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    Question Which of the following bigroom house podcasts stand out the most?

    From these podcats on iTunes...

    • Tiesto's Club Life
    • Hardwell On Air
    • Avicii Levels
    • Skink Radio (Showtek)
    • W&W Mainstage
    • Visionary (from DubVision)
    • Spinnin' Sessions
    • Firebeatz FM
    • Morgan Page
    • Martin Garrix Show

    ...Which podcasts stand out the most from this list, in terms of subgenre and tracks (I know, a lot of people think that all the bigroom sounds the same :p)? And which ones just sound really similar to each other?

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    wtf is bigroom
    knock it off already
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    Not quite sure what "bigroom" is--maybe a sound large enough to fill up a big room or maybe it's the male half of a wedding that swings both ways (bi-groom) but anyway for those interested in podcasts, here's what appears to be a good source:
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