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Thread: I put hot sauce and malt liquor on a record and sampled it. Check it out :3

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    Default I put hot sauce and malt liquor on a record and sampled it. Check it out :3

    So a few nights ago I was messing around with some records, trying to see what kind of sounds I could get from them. I poured hot sauce & malt liquor on a record and threw it in the oven. Then I warped it around a bit and cut the record with an x-acto. I then sifted through about 40 minutes of audio samples and cut out what sounded nice. This is what I ended up with, tell me what you think. :)
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    I applaud the willingness to experiment and share the results. It sure didn't sound worse than a lot I've heard. Wonder if different results obtained if ingesting hashish instead?--they do give different effects. Leave off with the tub-thumping though or at least vary the beat and instrumentation. "Antlers in the Treetops" by WhoGoosedTheMoose could be your next exposition.
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