Hello everybody.
I'm french musician living in France.

Help please to find lyrics.
I need to get the lyrics of Buddy Guy in this wonderful version of Sweet Home Chicago Montreux Jazz Festival 1992,


but I can't understand what Buddy Guy sings in the following passages, too difficult to understand for us !! :

right or wrong, please ?

"Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
I canít love you and donít let__meeeee__ (if you) told me not
Look_over younger_woman
..??? ...._ Yeah
I know you donít love me ...??? .... I say
Lord ..??? .... your men

One and one is two _ you know
Two and two is four
..??? ...., open that door

And after the guitar solo :

"What ..??? ....time
Don't ..??? ....to do

Thanks to those who can help us and good music everybody !!!!