Hello Everyone!.
I am a big fan of DJ Rashad and after his untimely passing I've been very sad and decided to try and honor his career with a work of art.
After doing a lot of research, I concluded that the best way to pay tribute is in the form of a fanzine.
For those of you who are not familiar with fanzines, it is a small booklet made on a photo copier that contains images/text and information on the subject of the zine.
In order to make the zine as varied as possible I want to ask all DJ Rashad fans to sent me material they would like to see in this compilation.
I feel it would make for the best way to make a true tribute, if it consists of many voices coming together in one booklet.
So it would be awesome if all you DJ Rashad fans sent me material you would like to see in the fanzine.
Drawings, photos, collages, texts anything you can send thru email really. In exchange all will be credited and if you include your address i will sent you a copy.
I hope there are many of you out there, that like me that admired DJ Rashad and understand the spirit of this project.

Here is my email : nopijamas@gmail.com

~Love and music~