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Thread: i need your brains!!

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    Exclamation i need your brains!!

    the mainstream stuff is killing me! i'm looking for bands who aren't too hard core or too weird, like they have a really good sound (yeah i know that's kinda subjective) but who aren't mainstream. something i can kinda call my own. it doesn't have to be something i've never heard of just something that isn't being constantly played on the radio or something everyone is singing. prefferably punk, rock, metal, or alternative. so far i've only found a couple like peirce the veil, cute is what we aim for, vampire weekend, bayside ... and a couple others. but if you know anything like it please inform me. give me something newww!!

    ps: i posted this on a couple different genres to contact different users on the site.

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    Here I'll put a few different genres in here. And songs by each of them. (:

    Try these:
    -Streetlight Manifesto- What A Wicked Gang We Are, The Big Sleep
    -Escape The Fate - honestly, anything, but try: Situations, 10 Miles Wide
    -Muse- Assasin, Supermassive Black Hole
    -Broadway Calls- Be All You Can't Be
    -Anti-Flag- The Press Corpse, Exodus
    -The Bouncing Souls- Manthem
    -Death Cab For Cutie
    -Mayday Parade- Jersey (it's the only one I listen to, Lol.)
    -The Offspring- Takes Me Nowhere, You're Gonna Go Far Kid, Kristy Are You Doing Okay
    -The Rasmus- F-F-F-Falling, In The Shadows
    -The Rocket Summer- Save, Break It Out (not sure if you'll like them, but give them a try.)
    -Scenes And Sirens- I Don't Think She Loves Me, I'll Make The Moves
    -Saosin- You're Not Alone
    -Scary Kids Scaring Kids- Faces
    -Senses Fail- Calling All Cars
    -Thrice- Image Of The Invisible
    -The Used- Paralyzed, Pretty Handsome Awkward
    -Vertical Horizons- Everything You Want
    -Zebrahead- Falling Apart, The Juggernauts
    -New Found Glory- My Friends Over You
    -MXPX- I'm Okay, You're Okay
    -My Favorite Highway- Closer
    -McFly- Transylvania
    -Madina Lake- Here I Stand, Now Or Never

    (the bold ones are the ones that I really like)

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    that is absolutely great! thank you! .. it just happens that i've heard and liked about 50% of those. so i trust your judgement. lol. keep them coming if you have any more!
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    I probably do have more. Lol.
    Give me a few minutes and I'll look through my library(:

    Right off the top of my head you might like Anarbor.
    I like their songs, The Brightest Green and Let The Games Begin.
    You're gonna go far, Kid.

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    cool. by any chance can you tell me what type of music it is when you mention new music?? that would be awesome.
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    The Audition- Warm Me Up, Don't Be So Hard, My Temperature's Rising [Rock]
    Aiden- Scavengers Of The Damned [Post-Hardcore]
    Bad Religion- New Dark Ages [Punk]
    Bayside- Boy [Not really sure.]
    City And Colour- Sleeping Sickness [Alternative]
    Deepfield- Into The Flood [Hard Rock]
    Every Avenue- Chasing The Night [Pop-Rockish]
    Hit The Lights- Body Bag [Pop-Rock]
    Kids In Glass Houses- Give Me What I Want [Pop-Rock]
    Less Than Jake- The State Of Florida [Rock]
    The Scenic- Lights Out, And We Collide, Armageddon, Bon Voyage Mr. Bones(<-- amazing song) [Pop-Rock]
    Manic Street Preachers- Underdogs [Alternative]
    Murderland- I Created A Monster [Between Punk and Rock]
    Sick Puppies- Howard's Tale [Post-Hardcoreish]
    The Sleeping- You'll Be A Corpse [Punk]
    Smile Empty Soul- Silhouettes [Rock]
    There For Tomorrow- A Little Faster [Pop-Rock]
    The White Tie Affair- The Letdown [Pop-Rock]
    Throw The Fight- Ready For War [Hard Rock]
    You Me At Six- Gossip [Rock]

    I just went to Warped Tour and got a few free CDs. So I have new artists and stuff.
    There may be more.
    And I'm always looking up new music, everyday.
    So I'll probably come back with more soon.(:
    If you want more, just ask.

    I'm horrible with genres though.
    I hope I did an okay job describing them.
    When I say pop rock, its kind of along the lines of like The Maine or We The Kings.
    Which I both like very much. Lol.
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    Ahh. Yes I can. Hang on, I'll edit that last post.
    You're gonna go far, Kid.

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