Usually simple and hook-laden...but they just won't leave you alone. Here's 2 of mine, one recently posted in another Thread.
Mitch Ryder's German back-up, here stepping out. BTW the band name means "grubworm" in German. If they're good enough for Mr. Ryder... and with The Man: << the tune name-checks Elvis Costello
Steve Miller the hit machine of the '70's, currently touring with Journey. He's had 2 excellent discs this century featuring a return to his Blues roots.
the song then: and now:
never to be confused with this:
>> special treat << from his new re-persona as a straight-up Bluesman: << w/Peter Frampton--some kinda rockin' good time you betcha. "Cleaner" album version:

Lookin' for y'all to kick in on this. C'mon now--got to be at least one.