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    Hi, I'm a fairly young musician and I've been making music for about a year and a half now. I'm into funk, jazz, and disco. Genres I rarely see any praise for. In fact I don't think there is a funk or disco section on this site. Soul is close enough I guess. I often feel alone in my interests and wish I had some people to talk to about what I'm trying to do. That's why I decided to sign up for this site. I really don't like forums because of how slow they can be and usually nobody replies but this seems like a pretty big community so I guess I'll find out if it works or not.

    I started making music for a friend who needed a soundtrack for a video game. He wanted me to use a 3DS to make all of the different songs. I thought it would be easy at first but I was very wrong. I ended up taking too long and he got another musician to replace me. One of my friends started teaching me a bit of music theory and I've been learning from him ever since. I am a big fan of Disney's Tron movies and Daft Punk's music in Tron Legacy. I always liked their music but after that movie I started listening to it even more. Eventually I decided I wanted to make music just like them. Then I found out where some of the samples they used came from. Disco. I really love disco. Anything funky makes me want to dance. I started looking into more music theory so I could figure out how to make my songs more funky and I discovered jazz. Jazz is a pretty big influence in disco so naturally I wanted to learn it. I never got to be in a band in school or anything so I don't know the first thing about reading music. I do it all by ear. Jazz theory is something I've just kind of picked up parts of here and there.

    I make my music all electronically with samples and plugins in FL Studio 11, a digital audio workstation. That's the way I do it for now, but in the future I want to learn how to play guitar and piano so I can record live instruments. The main things I need help with right now are mastering and mixing, inspiration, and feedback. Here's my soundcloud:

    Anyway, I hope this site can help me find other musicians with the same taste as I do. It really bugs me that nobody knows what I'm talking about when I say funk or disco.

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    Had a quick listen to some of your tracks on Soundcloud. Not really my thing (I am old school) but you have loads of potential. We are going to reading about you one day. You need to get a good lyricist and start putting some songs together. You will succeed.
    BTW if you want to learn an instrument - start straight away. the sooner you start the better. You are thinking about what you're doing and I can hear some real good pieces coming out of your work in the future.
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