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Thread: Create Your Own "Best of" Compilation Album Song Lists for Music You Like

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    Default Create Your Own "Best of" Compilation Album Song Lists for Music You Like

    So I looked quite a bit around this forum through many searches and hadn't found anything like this, though it may be buried somewhere, so this thread could be locked if it's a duplicate of an already existing thread. But anyways.

    I thought a thread where you compile your favourite songs by an artist into a list like on a "best of" album would be fun. Basically all you do is take the songs by an artist you like from their multiple albums and filter them down into a list of your favourite songs by them that could fit on a normal album. You also don't have to just do specific bands' lists, you could also do genre lists, like "The Best of Rock 'N' Roll" etc. and filter down songs from that genre that you really like into an album sized list. It isn't necessary, but it would also be appreciated if you listed some reasons for why you chose each song you did to go on your "best of" lists.

    Here's a couple of mine to start.

    The Best of Sigh

    1.Ready for the Final War - 9:17
    2.The Zombie Terror - 9:43
    3.Doman Seman - 5:32
    4.The Curse of Izanagi - 6:01
    5.Iconoclasm in the 4th Desert - 7:30
    6.Slaughtergarden Suite - 10:57
    7.Midnight Sun - 3:45
    8.In Devil's Arms - 4:33
    9.The Red Funeral - 6:56
    10.The Transfiguration Fear - 4:51

    Total Length = 1:09:05

    The Best of Blind Guardian

    1.Majesty - 7:31
    2.Beyond the Ice - 3:31
    3.Lost in the Twilight Hall - 6:02
    4.Somewhere Far Beyond - 7:30
    5.The Script for My Requiem - 6:09
    6.The Curse of Feanor - 5:41
    7.Blood Tears - 5:23
    8.Mirror Mirror - 5:06
    9.And Then There Was Silence - 14:06
    10.Ride Into Obsession - 4:46

    Total Length = 1:05:39
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