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Thread: Vivaldi's four seasons

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    Default Vivaldi's four seasons

    Each concerto in Vivaldi's The Four Seasons resembles its respective season.

    Since there are 12 movements total in the 4 concertos I wonder if each movement resembles a month like this:

    Spring, 1st: March
    Spring, 2nd: April
    Spring, 3rd: May
    Summer, 1st: June
    Summer, 2nd: July
    Summer, 3rd: August
    Autumn, 1st: September
    Autumn, 2nd: October
    Autumn, 3rd: November
    Winter, 1st: December
    Winter, 2nd: January
    Winter, 3rd: February

    If you listen to all of these movements do you notice a movement-month correlation as well as a concerto-season correlation because I sometimes notice that like in the first concerto of Spring.

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    That's a extremely interesting point. It very well may be. At the end of the summer section there is a movement which is commonly called "storm" because the sound resembles a thunderstorm. Storms do often happen in august, so it would make sense :)

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