I was searching for a long time a forum like this one! I joined this forum especially because I'd like to find lots of cool music (let's say, I'm not good at self-searching YouTube, SoundCloud or some pages alike that). I also'd to post my music here and listen to your comments about it, and give you something, what (I hope) You'd like! In my environment it's hard to "be myself", because:
1) I've little friends, who like my genre (dubstep)
2) those, who like it say: "Yeah, it's good" or sometimes something a bit more creative.

But let's say who am I and what I like.
I'm a teenager from Poland. One year ago I discovered, what I really like. It was called "creating music". The day I started learning about the software I'm using, I tried to do something creative. In about (in total) 8-9 hours I created my very first song called "Electrical Symphony". It wasn't very good, because created by amateur.
From that time, every 4 months I sent into world next two electronic tracks. At the beggining of this year, I decided to create genre, which I like most - dubstep. I really got into this and up to today I created 3 dubstep songs - Respect, Thought and Triangle.
What I like? As I said earlier, I like dubstep most. My favourite arist is Savant. He connects nice dubstep rhythms with pure electro and gives to world very, very nice to ear music. In future I'd like to create like he! :)

I hope You'd like my creations and if You do, leave a comment or like - I appreciate that a lot :)

If You want to find me, here You go:
> http://soundcloud.com/black-thunder-records - SoundCloud
> http://facebook.com/Stasiulski1 - Facebook

Don't be shy to give me constructive critique :D

Thanks a lot for reading this!
~ Stasiulski