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Thread: Ever wonder how to get your songs on your favorite video game?

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    Default Ever wonder how to get your songs on your favorite video game?

    I know for a fact I have. And I found that (Yes I have tried this) contacting the company in question is a potential way to have them use your song(s) somewhere in the game. Of course the song has to be 100% yours and/or free of any potential copyright infringements. Of course you would need to sound like someone interested in doing business with them. Make yourself look like a businessman...on paper anyway. The more "prepared" you are, the more likely they will be willing to work with you. I am in no way saying that I have had any of my songs published by any companies. I am simply stating that this is a potential way to do so. If you are having troubles, try a different company. Lather, rinse, repeat

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    this is a "Commonsense" statement....its relevant in all walks of life, which makes your post irrelevant due to the fact it should be commonsense anyway!

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    Keyword "Should". Not everyone realizes that this is the best if not the only way for a lott of companies to get a hold of your music. There are too many people who do the "I'll just put this song up online and maybe somebody from a label or company will find it" thing. This ONLY works in movies. Rarely does anyone get "Discovered" anymore. You want to be known, you make a name for yourself. However this is not always the case. As I said it is RARE to be discovered (especially in the music industry) But there are a lot of people who still "submit" songs this way. In fact there are actually a few companies, labels, etc. that rely on this method seeing as they probably get hundreds to thousands of submission a day from all kinds of people. The "fact" that my post is commonsense is a misconception seeing as not all facets of life are like that. Granted a wide majority of them are, there are still those that go out themselves looking for someone to work with.

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    Thanks for the advice Xayne. I make my own music, but it's been a several years since I made anything new. However, when I do, I'm wondering how I can contact Nintendo or a small, creative video game company for submitions. I also want to make my own video games someday as well. I thought about maybe getting into the video game Ios market, since that seems to be where its at now.

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