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Thread: Special pop music lover here, hello! :-)

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    Default Special pop music lover here, hello! :-)

    ​Hey what's up everyone. I'm looking for a cool music forum to share my favorite type of pop music with others. This looks like a cool place to start. :-)

    In a nut shell, the kind of pop that I go for is dreamy and quirky female pop. Nothing too popular and certainly nothing in the top 40 of today. Just good pop with heart and a childish, innocence to it that can sometimes sound like video games. I also like some alternative pop stuff too.

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    how about some examples of who you like
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    Sure, and thanks for the welcome!

    My favorite band, first is Saint Etienne -
    One of my favorite female pop artists - Meja -
    Another is Mandy Moore -

    And my favorite girl group, K3 -

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