Hi guys,
I have a dream, and that dream is that I could sell my music score for more than 1 million dollar.
Actually, my dream goes beyond that, it's the dream that talented piano composer can sell their scores at a big prize.

If you google most expensive paintings, you'll find a wikipedia page that lists the most expensive paintings ever sold,
the most expensive being "The Card Players", sold at more than 250 000 000$.

Now, if you type the most expensive scores, chances are that you will find no entry.
Actually, I created that missing page here: http://www.most-expensive-scores.com/,
but that's not as official as a wikipedia page.

The real question here is: why is it that a painting can be sold 250 000 000$, whereas music scores have no value at all on the art market.
Doesn't it bother you?

As artists, we all know that music or painting are equivalent arts in terms of time consumption.
So, maybe:

- the painting is an object that you can buy and bring home
- the art collectors aren't used to buy scores now

So I want to do now is try to leverage that piano community to make art collectors change their mind.
Obviously I alone cannot achieve that, I need your help.
So, what's the plan?

The best idea I can think of is to create a buzz around that topic: "music score vs painting".

I have some material too.
My best composition is here: "http://www.premierconcert.com/when-you-wish-upon-a-star"

Although I might not be as talented as I think,
I dare you say that my work is not worth that painting:

which by the way was sold 60 000 000$.

To make a buzz, we can certainly create posts about the topic and publish them on the internet.
I'm not going to ask your help without rewarding though (I'm a fair guy ;)), so here is my deal:

you and I know that as for now my music score's value is 0$, so, I have made a page where I sell my music scores to
high prizes: from 1 million to 300 millions (yes, it's the most expensive score in the world, that can help to create a buzz):

And I will share equally the revenue of the first sold composition amongst the posters who posted a message which helped the sale happen.
So if you have a blog, and you want to support that crazy idea, create a blog entry, and add a link to your blog entry on this page;
otherwise I will not be able to reward you if the sale happens.

Even though we are not here yet, if a sale happens, here is how I intend to share the earned money:

- count this post's blog entries (or web pages) links in the replies
- count the other post's blog entries (or web pages) links in the replies: I may duplicate this post on different websites to increase the chances of making a sale.
- I will not count post as a blog entry
- I will divide the gain for the first sale only between posters who helped me

To count all posters post: I will use this page: http://most-expensive-scores.com/buzz-project

So, for instance if the first sale is a score which price is 1 000 000$, and there are 10 posters,
I will give each poster 1 000 000 / 10 = 100 000$.

But that's only for the first sale, otherwise I will not be able to make any money from it.

If ever a music score is sold, I will reply to my own post so that every person interested in the subject can see the progression.
At this point, we would have made a good job.

So, for me it's clear that music should be worth painting on the art market.
There are no excuses for an art collector to not collect music score if he/she likes the artist behind.

The question is: What is YOUR opinion about that, and what are you going to do about it?

Cheers, Talfi.