Hey I'm Josh and I'm a 16 year old guitarist from Caerphilly, South Wales who has just joined the site. I have a huge passion for music, in particularly rock and metal, old and new with Classic Rock being my main love! I've always loved bands such as Guns N' Roses, The Treatment, AC/DC, Aerosmith etc... I recently had the honour of auditioning for the role of lead guitar for one of my all time favourite bands "The Treatment" and am currently waiting for the outcome! If there are any musicians out there looking to jam sometime then hit me up as there are not many people (especially in my local area) who are willing to play Classic Rock nowadays.

Here's a link to my YouTube channel where I upload guitar covers. Lately I've become really interested in improving the quality of my covers, (both audio and video) as right now I'm recording them with my HD camcorder with the track playing in the background from my stereo system which as you can imagine isn't the greatest setup... If anyone could give me any advice on how to record better quality covers then please contact me! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my playing and I look forward to maybe hearing from you soon!

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrY...wbtNc-g/videos

Cheers, Josh!