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Thread: Looking for a song!!!

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    Default Looking for a song!!!

    G'day everyone :)

    Firstly I am not sure if this post is in the right area?? But I will soon find out ;)

    I am looking for a song that has been bugging me since I heard it back in the 90s some time ago lol
    The only lyric I remember of the song is 'it's a jungle out there' which is sang by a male and then the female sing her lyric

    I have tried to find it everywhere from searching the lyric itself to searching Google Play and I just cannot find anything but other titles with the song name
    If someone can help me with this song I am looking for I would appreciate all your help, for many years this song has been driving me up the wall and not being able to find it really gets to me

    Regards, Phil

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    Here's the song I thought you might be talking about:

    Bone Symphony - It's a Jungle Out There

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    No, it's not that song but thanks kindly :)

    In the lyrics the male singer repeatedly sings 'It's a jungle out there and the female sings her line and then male sings it's a jungle out there and female, etc' I can remember this chorus being said about 4 times in a row.. If I could remember the rest of the lyrics after that I would let you know but I have been trying to remember for over 10 years now lol

    It's one of those songs that has to be completely forgotten about but it did come out in the 90s somewhere between 1990 - 1996
    Once again, thanks for your reply :)
    Regards, Phil

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    I suggest you Mohit chauhan's song 'What is feeling'. please listen it is very good song.

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