Hello guys. i'm new here.

in other post i introduced myself and wrote that i have a rock band and stayed away from stages for a while. we really have a story behind our proyect. since the beginning we were trying to make this work, but we had uncommitted band members, they didn't have their own instruments, we had to pay for strings, drum sticks, guitars, drums, everything…., then when we finally had the opportunity to sign with a major label but the contract….man, it was like selling our souls to the devil, so we decided to continue as an independent band. we recorded our album in 2012, but my job and my brother´s Medical Studies were something that made us take another route to many things but music.

So, now, we don´t want our music to stay in a had drive, at leas we want that people listen to them. i want to share with you this song it´s called ANGEL and our band´s name is "PARA ELISA" …. yes like fur Elise from Beethoven.

i will appreciate your comments!!