I'm looking at Guns N Roses, thinking "were they the last classic Hard Rock band?" They sounded different and ahead of the game, by being a mainstream band that injected raw credibility with groovable rhythms and loud guitars.

However, Queens of the Stone Age seem to be the last classic Hard Rock group. Their attitude was raw, while still providing groovy rock with loud guitars. Again, didn't sound like any other hard rock group, and was forward thinking.

So I'm trying to innovate in Hard Rock again, and after a night of research, I came up with this:

Thick, fuzzy/warm guitars, with dance-punk rhythms and a relatable attitude and message. In other words, it'll rock hard and have balls to it, but the rhythms will be groove centered with an upbeat, high tempo.

the reason why we haven't had a classic hard rock band since queens of the stone age, is because no new hard rock band since them created a new groove, it's all been retread. My new idea for Hard Rock would be LCD Soundystem meets Queens of the Stone Age, but with traditional choruses and what have you in the vein of GnR

I need your input bros. Really, all I'm missing is how the lead singer will sound like. What in part separated GnR and QotSA from their peers were their distinctive singers, and their singing.