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Thread: Hey, I'm Kai!

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    Wink Hey, I'm Kai!

    Hey, I'm Kai, new to the Music Discussion website! I'm here to find new artists and also show people my music (being that I, myself am a new artist).
    I listen to pretty much everything (expect for Country). My music is (considered to be) hip-hop, but I think it has a unique style to it. (if you'd like) You can listen to it on my SoundCloud (
    If you're a new artist and want to send me some tunes, I'm down to listen! If you listen to my vibes, then give me some feedback, I like to know what people think!
    See ya around!
    - Kai
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    I am into rock music,..since you live in the usa, could u tell me : I am an Asian planning to move to Germany or USA? Which has more opportunities for rock music? What about racial discrimination and other hurdles? Would it be better than Germany..its an imp decision for me..hence the confusion.
    Some people also told me rock is dying in US and that there is more of POP and RAP then classic rock..btw, the place (if i move) would be Florida
    In Germany wouldn't language be a hurdle? Please keep in mind the aforementioned factors before giving an advice. And guys, dont make it a US vs Germany war..It should be an honest opinion as where would be i able to launch my career better...
    Keep Rocking!!!!

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