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Thread: 50 CENT "pilot"

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    50 CENT "pilot"

    wtf did i bother listening to this new release for?!!??!!!
    i should have known what it was when less than 10seconds in
    we hear the usual crap "bitche$ be on my d#ck".
    then not long after we hear the usual "niggaz" word followed
    by more Rap cliches in "bitche$ suck on my d#ck".
    yep, just about sums it up perfectly...
    i mean this guy has been using the same old tired lines for more
    than a decade now...hopefully this will be the last time we hear
    from "Mr.fifty cents short of a buck"!

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    Sadly this is what seems to pass for 'songwriting' these days. The industry really needs a dramatic change. This drivel seems to permeate everything these days and kids, being kids, are brainwashed by it all. What's that old saying 'pop will eat itself'.
    'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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