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Thread: 5 Seconds Of Summer "she looks so perfect"

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    Default 5 Seconds Of Summer "she looks so perfect"

    5 Seconds Of Summer "she looks so perfect"

    this is the first single release by these Aussie guys...
    they got their big break by supporting One Direction on their
    latest Australian and Euro tour...
    the single just knocked Pharell's "happy" off the top of our charts here
    after an incredible eleven weeks at #1, and it just debuted at #1 on the
    UK charts this will probably reach the top10 in the US shortly...
    i dont like it,its just too 'teenage' sounding for me, but hey,
    at least these guys play real instruments, dont wear the usual bling
    around their necks,dont sag their pants,make stupid hand signs or
    refer to 'bitches,hoes,niggaz,muther...'s etc etc.

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    takes underwear dancing to a new level
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