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Thread: Need help with this 5 month old mix I've been working on....

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    Default Need help with this 5 month old mix I've been working on....

    ...a relative. Helped us out ...helped ME out in a really hard time.
    Sure it meant little to her, but. Meant my life for me.

    All I know is music, so...
    She speaks English, haltingly.
    30 something, not really into the dance scene,. I have no idea.
    I'm swinging in the dark over here. Just thought I'd play some stuff I like % with meaningful lyrics.
    Nothing too sexual (don't want her to get the wrong idea )... or depressing.

    She may not even listen to the songs, works a lot, and she's a bit of a hermit, like me.
    But, the heck? She suffers from a different thing. I think Schizophrenia. Depression, etc.

    Me? Alcoholic. Tried and true.
    Along with a host of other diagnosis.
    But, I'd never hurt a fly.

    Anyways, let's see if I can do this:
    Here's the mix. Should be a YT playlist.

    EDIT: Son of a ****.
    Well, lesse.
    I could make a Zip file, but no one would open it.
    <font color="#000000"><span style="font-family: Verdana">

    Dirty, but, at least it works. Jeez, I expect NO answers to this now.
    Doesn't matter.

    Been editing and adding for months. Finally, I'm just done. If she likes it, she likes it.

    Any comments or suggestions are very highly recommended as I'm sending this out tomorrow.

    'Done' or not.
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    Nothing at all...

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