Been making mixed taps for 20+ years.

But, this one has me stumped.
At this point I'm just flingind poo at 3 different mixes.

The main concern is this ONE women, Christian, with 'problems' of the mental sort, who really helped me through a lot of stuff.
NOW, English is her second language...and, she says she stays alone, so I dunno whether to include dance tracks?
To try and get her out? Or just sad, DCD, type things to comfort her in her sorrow. Already did a heady Audacity, 'Paulstretched', Faded out...
CD of Steve Roach Immersion, some of the chillest, non beat oriented 'sleep' music I know of. (Works for me. And I've had insomnia for years.)

Not sure whether to even try this 'regular music' thing with her.
She just helped me so much without knowing me.
I feel like I owe here something.

Anyways, she's Catholic and all, here's what I got so far:

Hope it's 'safe' to post that, that's the first half.
What do you think? Kind of a mix of personal, and dance....I'm lost here.

Thanks for any advice. Really struggling here.