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Thread: Favourite Mix Tapes and chill out playlists?

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    Unhappy Favourite Mix Tapes and chill out playlists?

    I'm interested in finding your favourite playlists or mix tapes?

    This can be collection of songs from many artists or a playlist of you favourite songs from one artists..

    Just in desperate need of some good chilled out music for work and playlists that i don't need to skip songs, so that i can just play it and be entertained for an hour or so...

    If any of you use spotify please share some of your playlists in this thread...

    I've had Miles on repeat since discovering him, short and sweet playlist here:

    But if you have any sets that sound similarly styled to ^^^ then please share!

    Much appreciated and i hope this thread turns out to be useful and everyone finds something new and worthwhile

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    It's a mix just for YOU?, like the song says, Dowhatchalike.

    Wait, you play that at work?? Do you work with other people?
    Kinda slow to start with.

    Always wanna hit 'em up fast, save the slow for filler/ middle, then nice good ending.
    Just like a movie.

    Don't start off slow. I mean, too slow. Too emotional.
    Here's one I played (work at a record store with 'metal heads', so)...they let me play the whole thing....I dunno.
    It was early and I'd smoked them out, so....

    Kinda slow, in retrospect.

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