Hey everyone,

First off, thanks for having the time to check this thread out. Let me introduce myself.

I'm Nando Timpe (Artist name: Septura)
I'm a 16 year old producer that loves to produce any kind of music genre. I make music for roughly 2 years now with Fl Studio.
It first started with messing around in FL to learning the actual program and the music theory. I mostly make hiphop/EDM but I also play
the guitar and I got some metal tunes on my soundcloud. I'm trying to bring my music out there, promote my name and starting to get an actual fanbase
of people that actually will follow me and review my music.

I would love if you would be one of those people. I could use some constructive criticism on my music to help me getting on the right track.

My soundcloud:


Would be awesome if you could just check some stuff out and give back some reviews.

Thanks in advance,