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Thread: "This drummer is at the wrong gig", reads the headline

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    Default "This drummer is at the wrong gig", reads the headline

    "Hell no" saith jazzbo. Totally in the pocket, with more stagecraft than those stiffs in front of him (it's all part of the act).: Nifty band; how about another?: << look at the number of hits and tell me this just a joke band and and 1 more and out the door, this one for the percussionistas:

    They're still out there--still doin' it, mainly at casinos from WV to MN.
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    Well, know your audience. That last one, from the two people I saw in the crowd looked like older lades.
    The first two videos, he was rockin. Balls out. (sorry to cuss)

    It's ZZ Top for Frith's sake. The guitarist and singer should've matched his enthusiasm.
    He wasn't out of place, they were. I dunno. Maybe it was a sound check thing?

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