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Thread: I will professionally MASTER your Song in 72hours for 40$

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    Show us a picture of you in your studio with the analogue & digital equipment please. (I assume there is outboard gear)
    10 dollars to type two bits of text in a box?
    Can you give us some samples of your work?
    And last but not least, where's the website address?

    Mastering is both an art and a science - it does not consist of pushing a wave file through a VST plugin in a DAW.
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    I do this as a hobby my father have been working with music for over 30 years and i want to be anonymous, if you really interested then you can send me a song that you want my father to master and i will send it back to you for free, if you like it i just want you to give me a good review on it and if you dont like give me a negative one, but i guarantee you that you will be satisfied!

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