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Thread: Please Identify this music

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    Default Please Identify this music

    Hi all, as title requests does anyone recognize the music playing in the background in the following video? hxxp:// or here.... hxxp:// We've posted in another forum and one member suggested that it was a generic filler. I guess I'd buy that, but the music has vocals. At 0:43 seconds we Think we're hearing "something broken/ broke it" and towards the end, down..."not my day". No response from Touchvision. Thanks

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    Virus - Real Life.

    Why jump through hoops like that if it's so easily SoundHoundable?

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    don't really want to click on something called virus
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    Then don't click on it.
    Side note: You can easily see where the link leads by right clicking on the link and clicking "examine element".
    Or maybe you're just trolling.

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