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Thread: top 50 "alltime" selling singles in UK

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    Default top 50 "alltime" selling singles in UK

    i found an article on the internet a while ago with the top 50 selling singles in the UK,
    i was surprised by at least half of these, not surprised by the other half...
    i thought i'd post the list with appropriate links to the tracks once i finished the "singles" thread(done!) and the "greatest aussie singers" thread(2 to go!)...

    i will be counting down from #50 thru #1...
    im not normally a fan of lists as theyre always someone's personal opinion, but this one is actually based on record sales from the british recording industry's official number crunching.

    so here goes with #50...

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    50. Black Eyed Peas – ‘I Gotta Feelin’’. ***

    An object lesson in directness: all you need to sell warehouse-loads is an airheaded
    lyric and a one-fingered synth riff from David Guetta.

    Year: 2009

    Sold: 1.3m

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    49. Celine Dion – ‘Think Twice’. **

    Celine Dion’s first UK No.1 took an unprecedented 14 weeks to get to the top of its chart run
    just shy of its actual running time.

    Year: 1994
    Sold: 1.3m

    Highest UK Chart Placing: #1

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    48. Dexys Midnight Runners – ‘Come On Eileen’. ***

    Kevin Rowland’s celtic soul reinvention was fuelled by nabbing fiddle player Helen O’Hara from former Runner Kevin Archer’s new band Blue Ox Babes.
    The result was a transatlantic No.1 and wedding disco purgatory.

    Year: 1982
    chart high: #1

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    47. All Saints – ‘Never Ever’. ***

    “A few questions that I need to know.” Grammatical crimes did nothing to derail All Saints’ sweet doo-wop update, another slow-burner that took two months to finally win over the public.

    Year: 1997

    Sold: 1.31m

    chart high: #1

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    46. Tony Christie feat. Peter Kay – ‘(Is This The Way To) Amarillo’. ***

    Goofing around in the video is enough to get you a “featuring” credit these days.
    Peter Kay doesn’t actually appear on the record, a Comic Relief re-release of Christie’s 1971 version, but his moonface dominates.

    Year: 2005


    chart high #1

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    45. Spice Girls – ‘Wannabe’. *

    The only thing that could fill the Take That-less void in 1996 was a girlband who overcame charming amateurism to make “Girl Power!” a viable mantra and record some damned good tunes.
    Yeah, they did.

    Year: 1996
    Sold: 1.32m
    Chart High. #1

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    44. Gareth Gates – ‘Unchained Melody’.

    After losing the Pop Idol final to the far superior Will Young, Gareth Gates embarked on a pop career with all the enthusiasm of Eeyore.
    He tackles ‘Unchained Melody’ with less vim and charisma than Robson and bleedin’ Jerome.

    Year: 2002
    Sold: 1.34m
    Chart High: #1

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    43. Fugees – ‘Killing Me Softly’. ***

    One time, two time.
    Credit goes to Lauryn Hill for effortlessly redirecting attention from Wyclef Jean’s dunderheaded rap barfs with a soul vocal so sweet it bore comparison with Roberta Flack’s take.

    Year: 1996
    Sold: 1.36m
    Chart High. #1

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