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Thread: "Smooth Criminal" and the violin, who would have thought?

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    Default "Smooth Criminal" and the violin, who would have thought?

    David Garrett is an amazing violinist and I just finished listening to this interview that made me love him even more! It’s cool to hear where he is coming from and to see the method to his madness! After I heard the interview, I had to go pick up his album that just came out to hear the cover he did of “smooth criminal”! Violinist David Garrett Rocks A New Audience : NPR Music
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    I really enjoyed this. I always considered Michael Jackson to be outstanding composer - back then, pop music was less rubbish. Talking about Garrett, that dude rules - check out his performance of Flight of the Bumblebee:

    What impresses me most about it is how he breaks the world record with a smile on his face. It's so very cool that musicians like him or James Rhodes are open-minded and appreciate music genres other than classical. They're not your stereotypical virtuosi, and it makes them interesting.

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