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Thread: Need help in maintaing unruly bandmates

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    Default Need help in maintaing unruly bandmates

    Not that I have any unruly bandmates yet, but I'm looking for advice on how to avoid as much of that drama as I can, you know.

    Basically looking to avoid a Dave Mustaine type of an episode:

    You know, when a band member's problems continue to fester, and because they've gone unnoticed, they reach a boiling point which ends in his firing:

    plethora of other examples in bands, too.

    At first I figured to create some sort of a strike system.

    You know, if you were to repeatedly miss deadlines for certain things, you'd receive a strike. Perhaps 10 strikes and you'd be out, or even more/less, depending on the severity of it.

    The problem with a system like that, is that passive-aggressive ways of doing things always ends up in creating more problem than it attempts to end. That, and the bandmates would feel like they're in grade school all over again.

    It's just that I'm trying to come up with some sort of system that'll help bandmates quit repeating problems, if (when?) they were to arise. I know that simple 1:1 talks with them likely wouldn't end it.

    Have any advice?

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    some of the best bands in the world have had infamous internal problems:

    The Who
    Rolling Stones
    Split Enz/Crowded House
    Beatles(latter years)
    Pink Floyd
    etc etc...

    its all a part of the creative process(well,as long as something productive comes out of it...)

    so dont worry about it unless it happens to become disruptive and destructive!

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