Seeing as I already know artist and title I didn't put this in the "Name that tune" section. Apologies if it does in fact belong there.

I've been youtube'ing for over an hour, to no avail. Maybe you guys can help me. :)

I am looking for a specific version of Insomnia by Faithless. Heard it on Belgian radio last week. It was simply announced as Insomnia by Faithless. As it's not the first time I heard this version on national radio I assume it's not some rare, user made remix. Yet it sounds different from all clips I found on youtube.

This version is very close to what I am looking for:

Faithless - insomnia (I only smoke weed version) - YouTube

Mind the soul-like male backing vocal throughout the song and the line "Let's roll another one" at 2:30.

In the version I am looking for, after the first or second iteration of the main melody, Maxi Jazz says "Let's roll another one". This line is followed by a short melody which I can only define as sounding "happy" or "club". It lasts about 15 seconds after which the typical, darker sound of the track returns. If I am not mistaken it only occurs once throughout the track. In the version I linked to above, the line is said by Maxi Jazz, but the funky melody is missing.

Any help is appreciated!