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Thread: Check out my idea that could revolutionize the music industry

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    Default Check out my idea that could revolutionize the music industry

    Local artist website

    A website that値l network local artists around the globe. Users will use the site to view all local artists in their area, or anywhere else. Artist info (where to buy merchandise/social networking info/upcoming tour dates) will be included. The website will have a variety of features that値l make it the go-to site for local artists to promote themselves, as well as people finding information on those artists


    • Feature that値l clearly and easily display what genres of music are popular in what cities/regions. This can be done by having the local artists tag what genre of music they池e playing.

    • Promote the idea of making money as an independent artist. Convince them that this site will be crucial to that.

    • Create the a god tier search engine, also allow you to ll search it via Google maps

    • Create a system that'll promote the better received artists to the forefront of the site. Be influenced by YouTube, in how they helped get YouTube channels to be popular. Help the more promoted artists to be popular outside the website, to help the artist reach maximum exposure.

    • Either work with, or decimate the following: Reverbnation, soundcloud, bandcamp

    PLEASE offer any constructive criticism you can. You know, give me your guys' classic pessimistic, elitist input. But you know, something that's constructive .

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    Sorry - don't see anything new in your idea at all. Everyone has been trying to do this for the last 10 years.
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