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    Default B.o.B - Underground Luxury

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #22

    allmusic gives it a 1.8 of 3.0
    Grooveshark online listen
    last paragraph of this bio
    hth does Taylor Swift show up as a guest artist?
    makes me want to take Red off my list
    anyway, 8 featured artists on this one
    total bullshit for the most part

    Bio - from allmusic

    Of all the rap artists who emerged from Atlanta during the late 2000s, B.o.B -- who was only 17 when he signed his first major-label record deal
    -- was one of the most unique. His borderline eccentricity and artistic mind, belied by his music's conventional Dirty South sound, raised his
    stock above his Southern comparisons and welcomed comparisons to OutKast (specifically that group's offbeat half, André 3000). B.o.B also chose
    his partners wisely, scoring a handful of Top 40 singles during 2010 by collaborating with vocalists like Rivers Cuomo, Hayley Williams, and
    Bruno Mars.

    Although he grew up on the east side of Atlanta in Decatur, Bobby Ray Simmons was born in North Carolina on November 15, 1988. Making music
    became an early hobby, and he played trumpet and other instruments throughout grade school. By the time he was in high school, he'd already
    secured management and had formed a production duo called the Klinic. At age 15, he even successfully sold a beat of his own to Slip-N-Slide
    recording artist Citty. When his partner left for college, though, B.o.B decided to launch a solo career and subsequently recorded a hazy,
    spoken word-like ode to marijuana named "Cloud 9."

    In 2006, B.o.B's manager helped sneak him into Club Crucial (owned by Atlanta rap star T.I.), and the teenaged MC wowed the audience with his
    self-produced song. Industry veteran TJ Chapman was part of that crowd and agreed to co-manage B.o.B, a partnership that only one month later
    led to B.o.B's signing with Atlantic and its subsidiary imprint, Rebel Rock, run by Florida-based producer Jim Jonsin. His first single for
    Atlantic, 2007's Haterz Everywhere, reached the Top Five of Billboard's Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart. Before long, XXL, Spin, and
    MTV, among others, took notice of the Atlanta rapper, running "Artist to Watch" features and tagging him as the next Atlanta rap artist to blow
    up nationally. B.o.B's second single, "Grip Your Body," featuring guest British soul siren Amy Winehouse, also fared well.

    B.o.B's official breakthrough came in 2010, though, when he topped the charts with "Nothin' on You" and reached number two with "Airplanes," the
    latter song featuring special guest vocals from Paramore's Hayley Williams. Both songs appeared on his full-length debut, The Adventures of
    Bobby Ray, which was released later that year and quickly went gold. Originally planned as a mixtape, his sophomore effort, Strange Clouds,
    followed in 2012 with Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj all included on the album's guest list.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    Swaggering has always been a key element in mainstream hip-hop, and during its golden age, the gold chains and money love were often talked
    about over the artistry, but B.o.B.'s third studio effort kicks off with a cloud-rap shopping spree called "All I Want," twisting the whole
    come-up concept into more of a "net worth" song. The rapper actually sounds dazzled by his account balance, and proud that he "took a dream and
    made it exist," and then one rollicking track later, "One Day" dreams "Well, who knows, maybe one day we'll have a little more/We'll finally
    shop somewhere else besides the corner store," as if this near-concept album is was financed by the National Retail Federation. B.o.B. does
    frame all these Louis bags as rewards for hard work, and providing for family does get a mention, but it's a narrow topic that makes all the
    similarly themed songs sound redundant, and Underground Luxury doesn't become attractive to outsiders until universal topics like booty drive
    the tunes. The strip club anthem "HeadBand" succeeds with an infectious, whistling hook as 2 Chainz plays the brazen buffoon ("Whistlin' Dixie,
    middle school, I was gettin' head on the ten-speed"), then there's the winning combination of T.I. and Juicy J thugging hard as serene figure
    B.o.B. soars on the chorus of "We Still in This Bitch." Hypnotic how the track "Ready" lurches through syrupy beats in the style of its showcase
    artist, Auto-Tuned rapper Future, although B.o.B. isn't always swayed by his guests, as he offers a comfortable, bright, and "Airplanes"-like
    highlight with "John Doe" featuring Priscilla. Big surprise has to be the Chris Brown feature "Throwback," which finds B.o.B. in the producer's
    chair, issuing a fascinating and more synth-pop version of Kanye West's '80s revival, but all these highlights float about without an album
    anchor, and shuffling these cuts winds up just as good as the album's original rocky running order. Cobble out the stellar EP inside or consider
    it a pre-mall mixtape because the puzzling Underground Luxury mixes mack daddy music with mall rat tracks, even if B.o.B's conviction throughout
    suggests he sees them as equals.

    classy stuff here:

    Track Listing

    1. All I Want
    2. One Day
    3. Paper Route
    4. Ready
    5. Throwback
    6. Back Me Up
    7. Coastline
    8. Wide Open
    9. Flymuthafucka
    10. Headband
    11. John Doe
    12. Cranberry Moonwalk
    13. Nobody Told Me
    14. Forever
    15. We Still in This Bitch
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    dont take "red" off your list...the only song i dont like on that album is the Taylor/Sheeran duet.

    Red is good, sort of a cross between her usual sound and Shania Twain's pop/rock/country blend

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    this is supposed to be a thread for BoB,not Taylor!!!!

    okay, heard/watched the link(well,about a minute of it!)...

    how the heck does this really pass as being called "music"

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