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    Default Im looking for new projects


    My name is Katharina. Im a student at the pop-academy of Leipzig (Germany) and looking for new projects. Id like to have someone, who wants to write some new some with me.

    This is my facebook site:

    And 3 samples of my voice:

    Greetings and Merry X-Mas :-)


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    Katharina, I like your voice. I've written several songs, mostly progressive and fusion. What you really need to improve is your english pronunciation. Your high notes are also slightly weak. Probably it's the studio production that's faulty 'cause i hear no depth. There's good promise though. My opinion is that to improve one's singing abilities one must take lessons from an opera singer (exercises I mean, reinforces your voice and stamina). I may be interested in writing a song for you, just the english you've got to concentrate on.
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