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    I am into most types of music(cliche), but its true. I used to be really into hip-hop and RnB, but these days i have veered more into "Rnb Pop" and Rock, of which type i'm not sure, but i like songs by Nickleback and that type of sound from other rock bands i don't know the name of! I am an intellectual and like to intellectualise a lot of things including music. My knowledge of music however is not so deep, but if what i am being taught is informative and interesting, i'll give it a listen. I am a big fan of Mr JT, the guy is superb, extremely talented, entertaining, funny and so on. To put it short, i adore the guy. Almost everything he does i like! There r very few female artists out there doing it for me right now, but i like Ms Gaga and the most recent song by Jordin Sparks. I hope thats enough, if u want to know more, holla!!!

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    Hello AddyO, and welcome to Music Discussion.

    Hope you enjoy the site, and I look forward to getting to know you...

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