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Thread: Newbie with eclectic tastes...

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    Default Newbie with eclectic tastes...

    Just thought i'd introduce myself - this seems like a fun kind of site for someone like me - i'm used to getting blank looks from the rest of my generation when it comes to my preferences in music!
    As you can probably tell from the username i am a big rolling stones fan, but also love:
    Led zep, bruce springsteen, woody guthrie, johnny cash, tom petty & the heartbreakers...jim croce, dr hook, kate & anna mcgarrigle, guns 'n roses, rilo kiley, the kinks, regina spektor... and lots more. But that's a bit of a representation, i guess i'm into rock / folk / indie / alternative, or pretty much anything but screaming heavy metal or modern rap / R&B!
    On the whole my taste defies the boundaries of genre and i'm always finding new stuff and seeking new bands etc so if anyone has any suggestions i'm forever happy to try something new!
    Also i play guitar (if not terribly well, i must add!) and piano, and i sing so i'm also on the lookout for good websites which provide tab / music!

    Thanks folks,


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    Hi LadyJane, nice to meet you !!

    I'm always happy to see new members with eclectic tastes, so welcome to Music Discussion.

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    Hi, LadyJane. I'm new, also. And have eclectic musical tastes. I love everything from glam to grunge!

    What made you decide to pick up the guitar?

    Staci Layne

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    I have the same tastes as you!

    Led Zeppelin is amazing-- I own all of his albums/songs.

    Haha don't worry- you're not the only one!

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    Haha thanks guys, good to know there are others out there into as diverse a set of music! In response to the guitar question, I guess I thought for ages i'd like to just try learning by teaching myself, because it seemed like a really fun and useful instrument to play. I had this plan that I was going to get a really cheap one like third hand from somewhere and teach myself with it, which is exactly what I did; found one for £5 at a car boot sale! And I really never looked back - have since moved on to a better instrument and I've loved it the whole time. Totally recommend the experience!

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    you can find guitar and bass tabs and chords.
    They have a huge selection of songs.
    Try it out.
    I just started playing myself.
    And welcome.
    You're gonna go far, Kid.

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    Welcome to MD LadyJane.
    Nothing wrong with eclectic musical tastes as could probably be evidenced by a look through my late wife's and my LP/Cassette/CD/MP3 collection.
    In one form or another it conatins bits of most genres - though little from the past ten-to-twenty years I must admit.

    Enjoy the fruits of life, for the fruits of death are few. (İRod Jeffery 1990)

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