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    Hi. My name is Kevin Vincent, and I'm a thrashaholic. I used to be a normal classic rock fan until I heard some early Metallica, and my musical tastes have gone downhill from there.

    I've tried to make amends to those I've harmed, but once you've carved the name of your higher power (Slayer) on someone's forehead, they seem less open to forgiveness than you might think. Perhaps they just need time.

    Apart from that minor addiction, I'm open to almost all kinds of music, including classic rock, bebop, bluegrass, funk, classical-era classical, traditional metal, etc. and even some pop songs.

    So far, I like it here. I just wish there were a little more action on the boards. It seems they average only one or two posts per week.

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    Hi Kevin, & welcome.

    That's a broad set of musical tastes !! Variety is indeed the spice of life.

    You're right that it's sometimes quiet on here, but I guess the more people that join & participate, the more likely that others will as well...

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    Gidday Kevin!
    Nice to meet you mate, as Tigger and yourself have both pointed out, it does get a little quiet at times but, then again, you rarely get much in the way of crap conversations with it like that anyway.

    Enjoy the fruits of life, for the fruits of death are few. (İRod Jeffery 1990)

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