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    Single Tonight is the brand new single from Jessica Clemmons, taken from her EP entitled What If which is due for release early 2014. A fusion of classic Texas Country with a contemporary modern pop twist, this is an upbeat number that will have you reaching for your cowboy boots.

    Recorded at the infamous Beaird Studios in Nashville, the song boasts playful honky-tonk piano with a subtle hint of steel guitar, coupled with driving pop guitars and powerful drums beats… a little bit of something for everyone.

    Also happy to see JC sercuring a massive support slot with Boyzone on their 20th anniversary tour in UK which kicked off last week on the 28th. Consistent arena dates and exciting times just keep presenting themselves to Jess, I'm quite looking forward to seeing JC and Boyzone at Leeds arena.

    More info on JC:
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    Here's some other great tracks from Jessica Clemmons, which are worth sharing. These will give you a bigger picture of what she performs and her overall sound/style.

    Which is your favourtie track the single (^above) or any of the tracks below?

    Also if you know any similar artists or recommendations please fire away ;)
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    I was driving back up north on the M25 yesterday believe it or not i was stuck in traffic... but to my surprise i heard a song that i instantly recognised.

    Initially, i was really shocked and surprised but a great feeling of happiness came over me for Jessica Clemmons as i heard this exact track 'Single Tonight'.

    It seems that Jess is getting the recognition she deserves :)
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    Woo - Wooopah!!!

    Jessica has announced she will be performing In London on one of the pop up stages for Country 2 Country event in march.

    Very excited indeed!

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