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    Default great song lyrics

    i thought i'd start a thread where we could post song lyrics that we rate very high...
    so if anyone wants to post any all i ask is that a link for the song they come from is also posted so after we all read the lyrics we can hear just how they were interperated musically...
    i ask members who read and listen to these lyrics/songs to please comment on them as lyrics and how they come across musically also...

    look, its only probably going to take usually three or four minutes on most occasions out of your day to listen and read, so please make the effort to participate and add your own songs to the thread!

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    "my everchanging moods"

    Daylight turns to moonlight - and I'm at my best
    Praising the way it all works - gazing upon the rest
    The cool before the warm
    The calm after the storm
    I wish to stay forever - letting this be my food
    But I'm caught up in a whirlwind and my ever changing moods

    Bitter turns to sugar - some call a passive tune
    But the day things turn sweet - for me won't be too soon
    The hush before the silence
    The winds after the blast
    I wish we'd move together - this time the bosses sued
    But we're caught up in the wilderness and an ever changing mood

    Teardrops turn to children - who've never had the time
    To commit the sins they pay for through - another's evil mind
    The love after the hate
    The love we leave too late
    I wish we'd wake up one day - an' everyone feel moved
    But we're caught up in the dailies and an ever changing mood

    Evil turns to statues - and masses form a line
    But I know which way I'd run to if the choice was mine
    The past is knowledge - the present our mistake
    And the future we always leave too late
    I wish we'd come to our senses and see there is no truth
    In those who promote the confusion for this ever changing mood audio

    why i like this song's lyrics....

    the last two verses got my when i first heard them...(the ones about "teardrops turn to children" and "evil turns to statues")...
    the piano only accompanyment is just enough to make this work beautifully IMO, much better than the 'popped-up' single version that doesnt quite work as well as this version..

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    "it just came to pieces in my hands"

    I stood as tall as a mountain
    I never really thought about the drop
    I trod over rocks to get there
    Just so I could stand on top
    Clumsy and blind I stumbled
    As I crawled through desert sands
    I didn't stop to think about the consequences
    As it came to pieces in my hands

    I thought I was a maritime marvel
    I believed that I ruled the waves
    All I could say is time is motion
    And every effort others made I would save

    I was a shit stained statue
    School children would stand in awe
    Truly believed I was a ceiling of sky
    Never thought about having flaws

    I felt as reverent as Jesus
    The sanctimony stunk
    I thought I was admiral of the missing fleet
    I couldn't see that I was sunk

    I roared my pride in the darkness
    I scratched away at the stars
    I thought I was lord of this crappy jungle
    I should have been put behind bars

    But now I sit with my head in my hands
    And wail to the weeping wall
    The avalanche of my emotions
    Holds the audience of one enthralled

    Like learning the lesson the hard way
    Like a fall from command
    I thought I as king of the whole wide world
    But it just came to pieces in my hands audio

    why i like this song:

    i guess its the whole feel behind the story of someone who 'had it all, but basically pissed it against the wind"...
    the whole thing sounds very forelorn and down, i can imagine its how the writer felt at the time after his band disbanded and he was like 'where do i go from here?' sort of feelings...
    i think the lyrics are intelligent and could easily be related by anyone who has 'lost everything'(or at least feels like he'she has lost everything!)

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