Hi all!
As we all love music and variety of different types of artists..signed/unsigned independent or not, I thought I would bring your attention to a platform that aims to pump money back into the music creative process. I recently met the CEO of the company- SupaPass.com at an event and was absolutely blown away by what they are doing. The platform is designed to get both unsigned and independent (as well as signed artists) paid more directly from those who love them most, their fans...aka us. They call themselves a subscription crowd-funding music fan club. As a fan (us) we pay as little as 99p to subscribe to an artist and you can listen to all their stuff and receive downloads etc. I've found some incredible musicians on there, my favourite so far is Shambles Miller http://www.supapass.com/shamblesmiller.

I think what these guys are trying to do is amazing, please have a look and see if you agree. I really think it can help underground and independent bands/artists who have all those loyal fans http://www.supapass.com/
If you know of any other sites like this please post below!
pt xx