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    omgggg I am listening to the New Black Eyed Peas CD as we speak and it is absolutely amazing! The beats are incredible! I got lucky because I found the entire cd for $4.99. Such a steal for such a great album...check it out The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies): MP3 Downloads: Black Eyed Peas

    and check out missing youu and imma be..they are both my favvvvvvs :)

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    Default Thanks!!!

    Hey monica,

    Thanks for the link. I had no idea is was so cheap. I just bought it! You're the best.

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    Ahh, I just bought that CD full price at Wal-Mart! Oh well...

    Anyways, the songs are incredible- there is a huge difference in their music now than what it used to be. One of my most favorite songs from that album ('cept Boom Boom Pow, of course..) is I Gotta Feeling.

    They did an incredible job..!

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    The new black eyed peas album is soooo good. I Gotta Feeling is the best song!!!!!

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    yess i loved their cd great album!

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