When it comes to ear training, one of the things that I spend my time with is singing melodic cells of solfege syllables. The reason why I sing the solfege syllables is because I want to remember and internalize it on my mind. I'm typically shy but I'm not shy on singing because I'm a vocalist/tenor at my church and at my school. I am known to spontaneously sing unrehearsed melodies on existing lyrics and create a brand new song. I will also be taking vocal lessons soon. Singing is important to me. I want to be a song - writer and a music artist. I do it in a progressive order, I start with, do - re, do - mi, do - fa, do - so, do - la, do - ti, and on my next practice session I do re - do, re - mi, re - fa, re - so, re- la, re - ti, mi - do, mi - re , mi - fa, mi - so and so on. And later I will do chromatic solfege and singing chromatic notes outside the scale. I want to internalize just the two so that I can do three, four, five, and six note melodies and so on. But my problem is that when I sing solfege syllables, I don't remember it. Of course I just started doing this for a few weeks. So do you think overtime I will finally internalize the melodic cells or not what should I do? Internalizing melodic cells is my goal