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Thread: Gala's interview/thoughts on the Lesbian/Gay/Bisecual/Transexual community?

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    Default Gala's interview/thoughts on the Lesbian/Gay/Bisecual/Transexual community?

    Another interesting interview and trait of Gala's is her thoughts on people who are ether lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual and the importance and urgent need for equality.

    Here is the interview which is definitely worth checking out:

    It is an extremely hot topic at the moment especially with the creation of Russia's new law and the Sochi2014 winter olympics on the arisen. And also how in some states of America, it is forbidden and hard for some communities to accept.. which in my opinion is an old fashioned narrowminded view which needs to be changed. Simply for the (and my) belief of every person on earth deserves to be treated with the same level of respect regardless of there sexual status, colour of there skin and there class in society.

    Nothing better than a good clean debate/discussion on important problem which almost feels as if it has been neglected in todays world?

    Would love to hear your thoughts and opinion?

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    Also if you haven't heard of Gala, Its worth checking out her new single and music video 'Taste Of Me'.

    One of my favourites of this years 'come back' artists; Gala has officially released her new music video and track 'Taste Of Me'.

    The music video is pretty impressive in itself.. Choreographed by Benoit Swan, Artistic Director of New York’s avant guard dance company Cedar Lake, and directed by New York-based French director Alexandre Moors (Kayne West’s Runaway, Blue Caprice). With them sort of names on the bill it was always going to struggle to unsuccessful.

    Thoughts please and also lets kick off the important discussion above? :)

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    Worth checking out the Official Taste Of Me remixes by Almighty, Hoxton Wh*res and Starkillers if you haven't already.
    3 remix's produced by three respectable DJs.
    Almighty remix is the winner for my ears!

    Which do you prefer?
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