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Thread: A 80's/90's Pop-Dance-House song

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    Question A 80's/90's Pop-Dance-House song

    First watch this Youtube video that I recently made and read the description:

    (Me playing the keyboard and humming the melody of the house song that I want to know the artist and the song tittle (I don't remember the lyrics, but remember the melody and some chords (I hum and play some chords of this song in the keyboard, I remember that song as a 80's/90's piano house song sung by a smooth female voice).
    Please, try to recognize that song and tell me who is the artist and the song tittle in order to find the song and listen to it again.

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    Think I know the one but right now I can't think of the artist, M People, someone like that, lyrics I remember along the lines of "mama's got a brand new (thing?)" in the chorus and what I thought was at the start "Gimme Mister Right"...

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