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Thread: Song that someone could relate to.

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    Default I would love if you could say your opinion and critique about my new song! TY!

    Hello everybody! i would love to hear your opinion and critque about my song lyrics! . thanks! some ppl can relate to these lyrics!

    Song: Second chance

    when i was happy,i did not care
    for things that everyone Did
    there was a girl, and she ment the world to me.

    the happy days are over, and no one lives along
    the happiness was stolen within the memories
    the people i loved,looked so differently
    why were they walking so separately

    every day and moment, was like the history
    all the same problems and even mysteries
    i was left alone to live so desperately
    and i felt the agony

    the happy places now are gone
    everything what i have done
    reflects like a mirror on my wall
    I see every little thing
    all the pain i'v been through

    now im sitting in this empty hall
    waiting days for my last call
    you changed my past,i changed the futures paths
    but, if we meet again, i know, that i would love you once again
    and never let go of you...
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