Hey Guys

Will here, developer from werdamouth.com; a new music industry game! We reward you with cash prizes if you get the most downloads from your own record store. Just sign up via our site, we provide the tunes, you supply the promotion. It's all a game, with 3 levels to progress through... the last level offers a grand prize of a 30,000/year job with us or 25,000 paid out to you over 12 months! Not bad. We haven't got many players at the moment so your chance of winnning some money is pretty good!
Got some real industry heavyweights behind werdamouth too, including Michael Garbutt who worked for over 10 year at Virgin overseeing the film & TV development for superstars such as The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey and The Spice Girls!

come check us out, we'd love your feedback