My name is Thomas, Iím from Spain and Iím 15 years old. Iím in the 4th course of medium degree in a music school of piano in my country, and Iím looking for some recommendations by someone experienced about my possibilities in the future.
I live in Tenerife, Canary Islands, and Iím in the main music school there, I donít find it to be bad, but (and thatís why Iím thinking and writing about this), I find the teaching methods there to be quite old-fashioned, and Iím looking for something more focused in modern music.
I have decided that I want to study and work with something related to music, especially with composing. I have searched a bit, and what I find quite appealing are OSTs, for films and videogames (indie ones).
Iím going to finish the high school studies here (I donít know whether to choose sciences or arts), so the recommendations Iím looking for should be related to the university degree. I donít care if itís in my country or abroad. Iíd like to do something a bit mixed (not just music composing and thatís it), cause I consider that I like doing lots of things, and Iím not bad in many things, soÖ Especially, Iím thinking about something related to composing and animation or something like that (for videogames).
What are the options that I have? Should I do two careers (not too tough ones), each of those related to both things? Should I aim for a career related to both things? What universities and careers should I look for? How can I start getting prepared?
Any help would be really appreciated,